How to Create a Wall Frame Display

Displaying a collection of wall frames together is the perfect way to share special photos with family and friends. No albums to take out and flip through; people naturally gravitate toward picture frames on the wall.

Creating a beautiful wall frame display can be easy. First, decide what type of finished look you want. For an eclectic feel, mix and match two or more molding styles and mat openings in similar tones. Choose from frames within one of our collections, including our handcrafted Italian Apparenza Gallery Collection, black-on-black Artists' Choice Frame Collection or solid wood Chelsea Frame Collection, for a sure fit.

For a cleaner, more contemporary look, choose uniform frames and mats in one color, like our Collectors' Frames or Suspension Gallery System.

Next, decide on the theme of your wall display.
The creative possibilities are endless:

  • Multiple photos of the same party or event
  • Photos that represent the past year
  • Travel photos
  • Baby pictures
  • Historical or generational photos
  • College memories
  • Pets
  • Sports or outdoor themes
  • Wedding or honeymoon
  • Graduations
  • A day in the life of someone
  • Children's artwork


Once you select and frame your photos, decide on a hanging arrangement that appeals to you. (If you're not sure, cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of each frame and tape to the wall to try different placements.) In general, hang larger frames toward the bottom of your display and smaller frames toward the top. Don't be afraid to overlap or stagger the frames, which adds to the visual appeal.

Take out the guesswork

Exposures has made it easier than ever to create the perfect wall frame display. You can now buy our frame displays “Collection as Shown.” You'll get one of each frame shown. No more hunting for the perfect complementary frames or wondering which arrangement will look best; our designers have done the work for you. Truly one-stop shopping—what could be simpler or quicker? Click here to shop our Complete Picture Frame Walls.

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