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For fans of golf, golfing is more than just a sport — it’s a passion. The secret to the game’s popularity lies in the fact that at the amateur level, anyone who can pick up a golf club can learn the basics of how to play. Miniature golf, anyone? There are also plenty of skilled amateur players too, and they range from casual weekend players to those who strive to become good enough to play professionally. If you know a family member or friend who loves golf, this golf collection from PersonalizedThings by Exposures Online will give you some great gift ideas.

Cool Golf Bag Items

The classic golf bag has become so indispensable to the game that it’s instantly recognized by anyone who enjoys playing a few rounds. You can make a golfer you know happy by selecting one of our golf bag gift items such as a holiday tree ornament or office pen set. These items need no explanation and you can personalize them with an initial or name.

Golf Balls with Personalized Charm

Let’s face it. When you’re an avid golfer, you can’t play the game without an ample supply of golf balls. On busy days at the golf course, losing a ball can cause game delays, which is why our personalized balls make great gifts. Our collection includes several different personalized golf ball options for golfers of any age or experience level. These are standard-size white balls that can include decorative accents for an extra special touch and your choice of personalization. For instance, you can personalize balls by adding the recipient’s initials or their first or last name. Armed with their own personalized balls, the search for their game ball becomes so much easier.

Beverage Coolers for the Course

Golfers can work up a thirst as they walk from one hole to the next on the greens. By gifting a golfer with a personalized bottle or can cooler, you can help them stay hydrated and refreshed for the next round. Insulated interiors help keep beverages cool and ready to drink.

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