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After you’ve selected one of our beautiful photo albums, it’s time to consider what type of photo album binder pages you want. Since we offer a range of photo pages for albums, we suggest browsing this entire collection for inspiration. We typically offer binder pages in sets and the number of sets you need to complete your album project depends on how many photos you wish to display. Purchasing a few sets allows you to start small and slowly build over time with spare pages. If you have a huge number of photos to organize, multiple sets are an excellent value. Photo sheets for albums come in numerous configurations, because it would be boring to have just one style. Our collection includes lots of choices, making it much easier for you to tell any visual story you like in the manner you find most appealing. Some photo sheets are designed for displaying a specific size of photo such as the popular 4 x 6-inch size, and you can slip your photos into individual pockets, horizontally or vertically. We offer double weight sheets featuring larger pocket sizes for those photos that require a bit of extra support. For those times when you want the freedom to arrange photos of any size on any given photo sheet, select photo pages without pockets or sleeves. Sheet protector styles are excellent for freewheeling creative use. Simply peel back the protective cover, place photos on the paper backing and replace the cover. Do you love taking panoramic photos? Photo pages designed for panoramic photos make it easy to show off your magnificent pics while keeping them fully protected. Ultimately, you may end up choosing several types of photo album binder pages. This allows you to mix things up and create more interest for the viewer. When choosing, be sure to note if the pages are for 3-ring or 4-ring binders — we offer both. We also feature black insert sets for a more dramatic background look.
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