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During the 19th century, crocks were a staple in many households and the word “crock” usually refers to an American made stoneware style originating from this period. Vintage crocks are rare, and often passed from one generation to the next as heirlooms. Some people enjoy collecting old crocks, but many people also enjoy collecting modern crocks. Our collection of personalized crocks is crafted from sturdy stoneware with natural finishes that harken back to the old days. They’re attractive and durable, and you can use them indoors or outdoors.

Decorative and Useful

Crocks can be both decorative and useful, making them a great item to have in the kitchen, dining room, pantry or any area. They have a pleasing subtleness that blends right in with just about any traditional décor theme. In the old days, crocks were often used for making homemade pickles and other fermented foods, and many people still enjoy having them in the kitchen. They make great kitchen utensil holders, but they can also store dozens of other useful items. For convenience and variety, we offer three sizes: 1 quart, 2 quart and 3 quarts.

Charming Graphic Designs

Antique crocks often have decorative markings or a marking and a design to make them unique. We’re carrying on with this tradition too. Each crock in our collection comes with a unique graphic design, bringing old-fashioned charm into your home. A monogrammed initial, first or last name or date makes your favorite crock design even more unique. Think of the possibilities. Your personalized crock may be the beginning of a collection, or it may become a treasured heirloom someday.

Choice of Colors

Natural stoneware crocks are beautiful, and you can further personalize your crocks by selecting the color of the imprinted design. Blue is a classic color seen on most vintage crocks, but modern designs allow for more print options. Other colors we offer are brown, black, green and purple. Keep in mind that your chosen color applies to custom text as well. With color and text flexibility, you can have fun making crocks for your own enjoyment and for those on your gift list.


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