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Christmas ornaments are decorations, but they can also have deeper meaning. Life is filled with special people and special moments and the holiday season is a great time to cherish both. We created a special ornaments collection to make it easy to find tree decorations that express certain sentiments. These Exposures ornaments were selected for their excellence of theme and quality of craftsmanship.

Continue Traditions

Holiday traditions, such as decorating the Christmas tree together, are often passed down from one generation to the next. Subsequent generations want to put their unique stamp on things, including ornament selection. Uniqueness is an important quality for any keepsake decoration. While browsing, you’ll find a nice selection of personalized ornaments that fit in perfectly with your family’s unique decorating customs. These are the ornaments that become conversation pieces on your tree. And, because they’re made with durable, quality materials, they bring decorative joy for years to come.

Celebrate and Commemorate

Certain types of Christmas ornaments help you mark and celebrate a momentous life-changing event. Perhaps a young person has graduated from high school or college. A graduation ornament commemorates this exciting time in a young person’s life. Gift recently married couples, or couples celebrating a significant anniversary, with one of our romantic ornaments. Baby themed ornaments are cute-as-a-button and you can personalize them to include baby names and birth years. Or, find a cute ornament for a couple expecting a child.

Our religious theme tree decorations make wonderful gifts for celebrating a baptismal, christening or confirmation. Crosses and angels make these designs extra-special.

Memorialize Loved Ones

Remember a special family member, or dear friend, with one of our beautiful memorial ornaments. These holiday tree decorations feature peaceful graphics and tasteful sentiments. Make them unique by adding names and dates. Photo frame styles let you include a favorite photo image for further personalization. This is a wonderful way to acknowledge and celebrate the memory of a dearly departed loved one.


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