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Once the Christmas tree is up and ready for decorating, it’s time to decide what ornaments to put on those bare tree branches. This is the fun part. If you’re looking for new personalized holiday ornaments for your own tree, or to give as gifts, we’ve got a great collection. Exposures ornaments come in all sizes, colors and shapes to suit every kind of tree decorating preference. Looking for classic, sentimental or humorous styles? We offer it all.

Beautiful Classics

Create the most beautiful Christmas tree in the world with any of our personalized classic ornaments. This category includes timeless designs, colors and shapes that are appropriate for any traditional holiday tree. They may be personalized crystal ornaments, custom angel ornaments or birthstone ornaments. This selection also includes ornaments celebrating special events such as high school or college graduation. Our wedding and anniversary style options make lovely personalized couple ornaments for newlyweds and long-married couples.

Patriotic ornaments embody the spirit of America with themes that include eagles and military service. We also offer a selection of ornaments suitable for remembering loved ones who have passed on. Angels, religious themes and glass discs are among the popular memorial choices.

Photo Frames

Photo frame ornaments keep loved ones near to the heart during the holiday season. They also make beautiful keepsake gifts. Essentially, these ornaments are designed to be hanging photo frames for the Christmas tree. They’re made of high-polished metal and feature exquisite detailing to ensure they standout. The elegant hanging ribbon serves a functional purpose, while enhancing the frame’s timeless vintage appeal. Any treasured photo makes a wonderful centerpiece for this memorable ornament style.

Fun and Whimsical

Enjoy plenty of smiles and chuckles while browsing our collection of funny and whimsical ornaments. Styles in this category offer a wide range of designs that tickle your funny bone. Themes include classic Christmas, favorite leisure activities, food and drink, school and pets.


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