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Warmth. Comfort. Style. It’s all here in our collection of personalized blankets, throws and pillows. When it comes to well-crafted, durable, luxurious items for persons of all ages, you’re in the right place. And, even though these items are offered as individual pieces, you have freedom of choice. Create a single pillow or throw or any number of personalized blanket and pillow sets. You’re in the driver’s seat for how you wish to mix and match items. With so many beautiful items to choose from, you can easily make a personalized toddler blanket and pillow, a cool teen blanket or a set of photo pillows for grandparents.


Elevate your gift of pure comfort by making it a signature piece. Create a luxurious signature pillow by first selecting one of our luxe pillow styles. Next, provide us with one or more initials. That’s all it takes to make your gift standout as something truly special. Elegant monogramming is done in traditional fonts that look chic in a variety of home settings. A signature turns your gift into something that can be proudly displayed on a chair, sofa or bed.


Pillows, blankets and throws in our collection help keep people warm and cozy. They also serve as household decorative accents. Blankets and throws embellish the appeal of furnishings used for relaxation. Keeping a decorative throw nearby can take the chill off in a way that is oh so pleasing. Blankets make lovely extra bed covers, and they’re also useful on camping trips and sleepovers. Decorative accent pillows are one of the most popular ways to quickly brighten up any part of a living room, bedroom or other seating area.


Do something a little different. Turn a pillow, throw or blanket into a one-of-a-kind commemorative gift. Inspiration for your gift can be found in any of our designer style items for individuals or families. Create a sentimental personalized gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Give a proud school graduate a gift that commemorates an important milestone. Add dates to items to mark birthdays, weddings or other significant events.

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