A Year to Remember

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Celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and holidays with commemorative gifts that mark a very special year in someone’s life. Our distinctive collection of Year to Remember gifts are thoughtful and unique keepsakes that can be worn or proudly displayed by gift recipients. Many of these items can be personalized with initials or a name.

Charming Coin Jewelry and Accessories

Coins minted in the U.S. show the year they were minted on the coin’s face, making them perfect for our charming year to remember jewelry and accessory pieces. Coins selected for these pieces are in great condition and typically feature gleaming metal surfaces. Most coins are valuable collector’s items all by themselves, and so their addition to a necklace, money clip or pocket watch is a plus for anyone who loves old coins. Selected copper or silver coins enhance goldtone and silvertone pieces, creating a stunning vintage style accessory.

Unique Frames for Special Photos

Some photos are so special they deserve to be displayed in an extra-special frame, and that’s what we offer with our year to remember photo frames. Each unique design celebrates a special event or simply celebrates a person’s awesomeness. Choose frames to acknowledge momentous life events such as a birthday, first Christmas, graduation, or retirement. For pet lovers, we also offer adorable dog and cat designs. Frames include professional graphics and text and they’re visual appeal is further enhanced by collectible coins or stamps. Customize them with names and dates.

Desk Frames and Wall Art Educate and Captivate

The year to remember theme works wonderfully for individuals and families. Year to remember desk frames with collectible coins make a distinguished gift that your recipient can proudly display at work. Celebrate a birthday with wall art that includes interesting events that happened during the year of birth. For families, find beautiful personalized frames and wall display pieces that represent a special sentiment or commemorates special moments in time.


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