Table Frames

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Display endearing and precious photographic memories that are ever so close to your heart with our selection of decorative personalized table frames. Although, you may have plenty of photos in digital form, certain photos are too amazing to be hidden away for private viewing. You desire to enjoy these photos at your leisure, in your home, or perhaps at your office desk. The traditional way to display these photos is by placing them into a table frame — a photo frame designed for tabletops.

Table Top Frames Highlight Unique Photos

Browse our PersonalizedThings by Exposures collection of customizable photo frames to find just the right personalized picture frames for your one-of-a-kind photos. These special photos can be baby pictures, school photos, wedding photos, family holiday photos, photos of proud high school or college graduates, favorite photos of couples in love, photos of family members, friendship photos or special event photos. Whatever type of photos you treasure the most, you’ll find high-quality table top frames that make them all look even more wonderful.

Visually Pleasing Table Frames

Find table frames for year-round use that look great sitting prominently in your living room, bedroom, family room or office. We realize that everyone has different tastes regarding frames, which is why we provide a wide range of photo frame styles for tables. Choose classic frames made from warm-looking wood for vintage family photos of relatives from another era. Wood is also appropriate for modern color photos. When selecting wood frames, look for interesting inlaid details and color combinations that greatly enhance their decorative appeal.

Are you a fan of contemporary frames? Find contemporary frames that match your preferred visual aesthetic. Some of these frames are made of materials such as glass, fabric and metal. These frames may also offer intriguing decorative flourishes or have unique shapes.

Collectible Table Frames

Every year, throngs of happy Exposures customers look forward to our delightful special edition hand-painted Christmas picture frame (we also offer Halloween versions). An Exposures hand-painted frame is ideal for displaying holiday photo memories that last a lifetime.

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